Crochet and Craft Corner

Well where to start this group was set up on 4th December 2018 by myself and my best friend Louise Langley through Facebook. My decision to start this group was easy really I had been kicked and blocked from 2 other crochet related groups, so I thought I would set up crochet and craft corner with the help of my longest and oldest friend Louise who I have known since we born.

I myself started to crochet from the age of 10 ad was taught by mother  and am now 32 have been crocheting ever since on and off only ever doing basic patterns such has the granny square and cushion covers, but since setting up the group along with Louise I have begun to learn new stitches such as the waffle stitch and corner to corner.

So a bit about Louise, Louise started out knitting when she moved to Birmingham she got taught by a family friend so knows more about knitting then she did about crocheting back then, but took up crocheting 5-6 years ago through going to a local crochet group for a while then began to teach herself through you tube videos like myself we both try and test ourselves by trying different things as well.

Well more on me and Louise, we both went to the same primary school up until the age of 10 when Louise got moved out of Cheshire due to something happening in life that nobody should have to go through. From that point on we hadn’t seen each other in 21 years or been in contact until Facebook formed when we accepted each other’s friend requested where would say hi every few months that would be it.

Until one day we both joined the same crochet group and realised that we both had a passion for crocheting and Louise’s passion for knitting when we started talking again and then in February in this after being separated for 21 years an opportunity came around for us to meet up again. We had been talking on video call for a few months when out of the blue I surprised Louise by arranging a trip to Birmingham to go visit her and her partner for the weekend strangley enough it was like we had never been apart from each other.

We has a group are still a relatively small group with 2,500 something members on crochet and craft corner we growing slowly which is the way we like the group as we like to get ALL our members particapting in activities and to ensure all members are looked after and checked on. We have a range of activities such has film it Tuesday, work in progress Wednesday, share it weekend Friday to Sunday and we also have Sunday funday which we have a different subject each week.

We also ask are members if there is anything they would like to see on the group in form of any different activities.

As an admin I like to keep check of those who are struggling on the group especially those members that we know are Vunerable or Ill so we can just make sure they are ok and not feeling excluding from the group so myself and Louise do weekly checks on those we think have been a bit quiet on the group.



Founder & Admin of crochet and craft corner


Crochet and craft corner

Some picture from one of our admins Louise Langley (permission allowed to share) allowing me to show of some of her fantastic work.

Picture 1 is some 0-6 months cardigans that Louise made for a charity summer fair that is coming in July 19

Picture 2 is of Louise’s free purchases from crochet now

Picture 3 Attic 24 coast ripple pattern that Louise is making for her partner Bill

Picture 4 is of a granny square blanket using stylecraft yarn and has named it smarties

Picture 5 is a granny square blanket made from rolls cake yarn for a friends baby boy

Pictures 6 & 7 our from the creative craft in March at the nec in Birmingham

Picture 8 is of a pug in mosaic raft

Picture 9 is a start of a virus poncho