Patterns & Stitches

Hi everyone hope your well.

Tonight’s blog is going to be about patterns and why I think certain patterns are easier then others.

When I started out crocheting 22 years ago at the tender age of 10 there were no attic 24 patterns or black sheep wool patterns around.

There were on old patterns from magazines, books or patterns that had been passed down from generation to generation but things have moved on these days that you can go online to search for patterns for free or pay for patterns. Even yarn companies supply patterns paid and free.

You can also go on to YouTube to watch tutorials on how to crochet or knit and how to start basic patterns.

When my mum taught me how to crochet she only ever taught me how to do chain and how to do a basic granny square as back then she didn’t really have the time to teach much else has looking after two teenage daughters she had her hands full.

So when the likes of YouTube came out I started to watch videos of different stitches but would also get frustrated and throw the project to one side. Also when Facebook came out I signed up for a account and found some nice welcoming groups apart from one or two that offered good support on how to help finding some good easy basic patterns.

One day whilst talking to a lady on one of the groups I was on at the time she was doing this lovely blanket the stitches were different the blanket was unusual, so I decided after a few days I would ask her about the pattern when she told me about attic 24 from wool warehouse.

The designer Lucy has created some fantastic patterns since starting the attic 24 and the pattern in question that the lady was telling me about was the attic 24 cupcake cosy stripe blanket. This is the first ever pattern I ever learnt to read by myself and followed also by myself with out any help from anyone.

Since doing this pattern this is my go to pattern for any beginner crocheter who is wanting to learn a pattern as it is so easy and beautiful to make.

The attic 24 projects are wonderfully designed for anyone who crochets from a complete to a advanced level crocheter, there is a variety to choose from on the wool warehouse website which also post world wide as well as U.K based as well.

Regarding patterns I myself as an Admin on two groups like to try out patterns before actually recommending them to my members has to see what difficultly level they our and what level of crocheting they would suit has we have a wide range of crocheters on both groups.

The most important words that I say to all my members on both groups are as follow

“Never give on what your doing as the more you practice the more it will get better.”

I try to encourage each and every single member on both crochet and craft corner & love crochet and more as we have various members who feel like they struggle with learning new patterns, stitches etc so on a big group we have a mentorship programme where we have mentors helping mentees with learning new projects and stitches etc.

I always say try and make a list of what type of stitches you want to learn such as

  1. Bobble stitch
  2. Chain
  3. Magic circle
  4. Waffle stitch
  5. Corner to Corner
  6. Crocodile stitch
  7. Star stitch

The think of which one you want to try first go on you tube watch the video a few times and then try to follow the video to see if that helps.

This is help you master your stitches ready for your patterns as all patterns are not all the same and may require different stitches to start of and end with.


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